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Adam’s Microfibre Glass Cleaning Towel

Regular price $15.99 AUD

  • Works Great with Adam’s Glass Cleaner
  • Achieve that Streak Free Invisible Glass
  • Tight, Flat Microfibre is the Secret to Glass Cleaning
  • Quality Microfibre you can Expect from Adam’s 

Glass cleaning can be such a drag! Here at Adam’s we have dedicated tons of energy to make glass cleaning more effortless than ever before. Our Glass Cleaner has been a customer favourite for years. However, we still believed there was room to perfect the glass cleaning process. In recent months we went back to the drawing board on our Glass Cleaning Towels. We searched the globe and found the best, most versatile glass cleaning towel we could.

Adam’s Glass Towel measures 14″ by 14″ and is wrapped in black satin edging.

The two sided design allows more absorption, and better scrubbing power on stubborn glass.

540 GSM

Contents: (1) Glass Towel