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Adam's Glass Sealant 4 oz.

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Designed to protect, bead water and keep your glass clean. No one likes doing windows, but with Adam's Glass Sealant getting your windshield perfect will be so easy that it might just be your favorite part of cleaning your car! Plus, there's nothing better than watching rain and water roll off your car and knowing it's protected for months.

  • Adam's Glass Sealant Help Keeps Glass Clean
  • Rain Will Simply Blow Off as you Drive
  • Super Concentrated
  • Water Simply Rolls Off Treated Surfaces
  • Made In The USA

Our super concentrated Adam's Glass Sealant comes in 4oz pour top full of super concentrated optical sealants and makes all your windows super slick. By creating a non-stick hydrophobic surface it literally forces water to bead up and roll away, working so effectively that rain will simply blow off your glass at normal highway driving speeds without the use of your windshield wipers. Used in conjunction with our Adam's Glass Cleaner and Adam's Microfiber Glass Cleaning Towel your windows will stay cleaner for longer and look clearer than ever before.

One bottle contains enough of our powerful sealant to treat all the glass on all your cars and you might even have enough left over to do your shower doors!