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Adam's One Step Polish 12 oz/354 mL

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Adam's One Step Polish is an all-in-one product that polishes to remove fine imperfections while adding protection and gloss.

With our One Step Polish, you can polish and protect your vehicle by hand or with a machine polisher. Adam's One Step Polish can be used in a variety of methods to achieve different results. This is not an aggressive compound to remove serious imperfections; however, you can use it with a few different machine polishing pads, with excellent results for various paint types and finishes. 

Use with Adam's White Foam Pad for bringing out high amounts of shine and depth. Use with Adam's Orange Foam Pad for some light scratch or swirl mark removal. Or use with Adam's Blue Foam Pad for slightly more aggressive imperfections, while still providing a high-gloss finish, without the need to step down to our Finishing Polish afterward.

1. Shake well before use. For best results, work on a cool panel.
2. Light correction: Apply 4 drops of polish onto Adam’s White Foam Pad
3. Spread evenly over 2-ft by 2-ft area or smaller. Set speed to 3-4. 
4. Keep pad flat while working. Power on machine. Work slowly in up-down and left-right motions, light pressure, 25% overlap. 
5. Work until clear on surface. Remove residue with a Premium Microfiber Towel. Inspect surface. 
6. Medium correction: Perform above process using Adam’s Orange Foam Pad or Adam’s Blue Foam Pad. Set speed to 4-5. 
7. For each section, add minimal polish, 1 or 2 drops. 

Hand Application: 
1. Apply a few small drops onto Adam’s Blue Hex Grip Applicator. 
2. Spread onto surface using light, even pressure. 
3. Thoroughly work product into surface. 
4. Remove residue with a Premium Microfiber Towel.