Adam’s Ceramic Boost 64 oz/1.9 L

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Adam's Ceramic Boost is a cutting-edge, ceramic-infused product that complements Adam's Ceramic Coatings, adding an even slicker surface, more gloss, and prolongs the life of the ceramic coating. Ceramic Boost can also be used by itself, offering several (3-6 months) of protection and shine in a quick and easy-to-use spray and wipe sealant that contains silica-infused protection.

The Ceramic Boost works almost effortlessly on a vehicle surface that has been treated with Adam's Ceramic Coatings, but can also be used on as a stand-alone for your non-coated vehicles. It does not require a long set-up time - spray it evenly across the painted surface, use an Adam's Borderless Grey Towel to wipe it to a brilliant finish, much like how you would use Adam's Detail Spray.

Our Ceramic Boost has been developed to a formula that combines durability and longevity into a hydrophobic spray and wipe formula. We modified the chemistry within the product to allow for easier application, a streak-free finish, even slicker results, and increased longevity than the previous versions! By changing the active ingredients and the concentrations within the chemical, we were able to make it even more advanced and extremely easy to use.

Adam's Ceramic Boost also has excellent hydrophobic properties. Not only does it bead water incredibly well, it will repel water from the surface - making it more difficult for dirt, mud, and other road grime to stick to the surface and allowing for easier maintenance and cleanup as well.