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Adam’s Deep Clean Eraser – 6 pack

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Adam’s Deep Clean Eraser is an abrasive sponge that aids in deep cleaning various interior surfaces. When used with Adam’s Leather & Interior Cleaner, this is a very effective method of cleaning heavy dirt from several types of interior materials. The Deep Clean Eraser operates similar to how the Visco Clay Bar works on paint: Leather & Interior Cleaner serves as the lubricant for the eraser, compared to Detail Spray as the lubricant for the Visco Clay Bar.

With the Adam’s Deep Clean Eraser, you can remove scuff marks caused by shoes on door kick panels and seat bolster panels that may not always scrub away as easily with an Edgeless Utility Towel. You will be amazed at how much dirt it can quickly remove from vinyl and leather surfaces as well, by gently rubbing the eraser across the dirty area and then wiping away the Leather & Interior Cleaner residue with an Edgeless Utility Towel. This Deep Clean Eraser will work fantastic on the high-traffic areas like your arm rests and steering wheel that collect the most dirt, oils, and sweat!

Please note that the Deep Clean Eraser is abrasive. If used too vigorously on leather surfaces, there is a potential of wearing through the protective coating found on most modern factory leather surfaces. Adam’s Deep Clean Eraser is not intended for use on suede or Alcantara surfaces.