Adam’s Professional 10″ Car Wash Pad

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  • Holds 26 Ounces of Sudsy Car Wash Water
  • HUGE Car Wash Pad
  • Great for Washing Trucks, SUVs, and Larger Cars.

Wash your large truck or SUV the professional way with Adam’s Professional Car Wash Pad. Delivers 20% more sudsy water than ordinary car wash mitts and no swirls.

After years of watching people use a car wash mitt like a sponge (hand on the outside, not inside), I decided it was time to find a car wash tool that works the way people want it to work. Our Adam’s JUMBO Professional Car Wash Pad feels like a wool wash mitt on the outside, but that’s where all similarities end.

If you want the most sudsy, satisfying car wash experience you’ve ever had, you’re ready for the Adam’s  Professional Car Wash Pad. Our larger, pad holds a whopping 20% more ounces of soapy Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo wash water. That’s possible because our long fiber wash pad material slurps up water like a water buffalo after a dry spell. That means you can get the soapy water to your car where it will do some good. Most wash mitts let all the water go (normally all over your feet!) before it ever gets to the car and, talk about suds, the Adam’s Professional Car Wash Pad is a suds making machine!

If the perfect size wash pad that held lots of soapy water were the only measure, a dozen or more products out there might fit the bill. Not at Adam’s! To make it here it also has to be safe and durable. After all, what good is a wash pad, mitt or sponge that puts swirls and scratches in your paint? The Adam’s  Professional Car Wash Pad is “professional grade” because the pros know that most swirl marks come from bad wash tools. The Adam’s Professional Car Wash Pad is made of a soft, synthetic wool that gently lifts dirt away from your paint and freely let’s go of the dirt in your wash bucket. The Adam’s  Professional Car Wash Pad won’t swirl or scratch your paint, guaranteed!

Contents: One Adam’s Professional Car Wash Pad 10″ by 10″

Care Instructions:

  • Lay pad on top of your grit guard bucket insert and use hose to rinse out on both sides thoroughly.
  • Comb thru the fibers with your fingers and inspect for remaining debris, if any is found repeat.
  • Wring out Adam’s Jumbo Professional Wash Pad out well and allow to dry in a clean area with good air flow.
  • After a few uses you may notice them begin to get a little ‘dreadlocked’ which can be fixed easily with a regular hair brush or wide tooth comb.

NOTE: We do not recommend machine washing.