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Adam's Bug Remover 16 oz.

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A heavy-duty, professional-strength formula for softening and removing bugs from any surface!
  • Safe on painted surfaces, plastic bumpers, and glass
  • Breaks-down and dissolves bug contaminants on contact
  • Clear coat safe, high suds formula
  • For use during your wash process or dry treatment
  • Deep Blue Color, Grape Scent

    Adam’s Bug Remover is a heavy duty cleaner designed to target and breakdown remnants of bugs before your wash process. This water-based, high sudsing formula contains co-solvents and other ingredients to aid in the breakdown of bug bodies and remnants. The detergents that create high foaming will actively dissolve and liquify stubborn bug contamination from your leading edge surfaces to reduce the risk of scratching during your wash and drying process.

    Adam’s Bug Remover is a water-based cleaner that is specifically designed to dissolve bugs on contact. Bug Remover, although highly concentrated, is safe enough for clear coat finishes and safe for use on a wide range of exterior surfaces. Through the use of this product, plus a Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt or Fine Grade Clay Bar, even the harshest bug contaminants can’t stand a chance. Adam’s Bug Remover isn’t just another APC that is safe on clear coats, but rather, a butyl-heavy formulation to help break down organic bug contaminants and buildup.

    Adam’s Bug Remover has been widely requested among our customers, but it came with a challenge-- not removing existing protection completely. Adam’s Bug Remover will remove bug and degrade your current non-ceramic protection, however it’s not going to completely remove it. We recommend that before any serious road trip to re-up your protection with a maintenance spray of Spray Wax, H2O Guard & Gloss, or our Ceramic Waterless Wash. In addition, Adam’s Bug Remover doesn’t have a harsh smell, but rather a pleasant Grape scent for added bonus during use!

    Bug Remover can be used on front bumpers, painted surfaces, mirror caps, windows, chrome grilles, and any other exterior finished surfaces.

    Adam’s Bug Remover is a powerful, professional strength bug remover. Use only on a cool surface. Avoid use in sun if possible. Never allow Bug Remover to dry on surface. Not for use on satin, matte, or gloss vinyl wraps.

    Adam’s Bug Remover is the perfect one-step solution for removing bugs, and caked on road trip contaminants. Combined with our Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt or a Fine Grade Clay Bar, this product can be a detailing essential combination. Adam’s Bug Remover is safe for use in full sun but is recommended to use on surfaces that are cool to the touch and in the shade if long exposure to the sun is possible.