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Adam's Deep Clean Carpet Drill Brush

Regular price $24.99 AUD

  • Safely cleans and agitates dirt from non-porous and porous surfaces
  • Lifts and extracts soils, stains, and impacted dirt with ease
  • 100% Polypropylene Bristles, Chemical-Resistant
  • Soft, Effective fibers dislodge dirt, but won’t damage carpet nap or matts.
  • Attaches to any drill to clean fabrics, cloth, upholstery, or carpet
  • Made in China

Adam’s Carpet Drill Brush is an essential detailing tool for any weekend hobbyist or car care enthusiast. This interior cleaning accessory gives you the “elbow grease” you need to remove tough stains, soils, and impacted dirt without damaging your hands or interior components. This interior detailing tool combines the power of your drill with stiff, yet soft bristles to clean carpet surfaces, cloth surfaces, or porous upholstery areas. With any interior surface, whether ventilated or not, the fibers of the surface are incredibly absorbent to begin with. Spilling a drink or grinding mud from a soccer game becomes one with the seat until the next time you clean your car, and sometimes it’s too late! Adam’s Carpet Drill Brush cleans any stain as if you we’re on standby when it happened and rejuvenates your interior fibers back to new.

Adam’s Carpet Drill Brush allows for high speed rotation from your household, battery-powered drill to extract spots, stains, and soils from your surfaces with ease. With any fibrous material, the nap or pile of the fiber can become matted down over time and if stains are beneath it, it could be detrimental to your interior! Adam’s Carpet Drill Brush features soft, yet stiff polypropylene fibers mated to a durable ABS plastic housing that massage fibers back and forth, cleaning all sides of the fiber in seconds.

Combine this product with our All Purpose Interior Cleaning Gel, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner or Multi-Use Foaming Cleaner to clean your porous surfaces in seconds and drastically reduce the time spent scrubbing stains away! Pick up your Carpet Drill Brush today and elevate your interior detailing experience!

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