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Adam's Extreme Suds Kit

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Cannon Included: 

(1) Foam Cannon with adjustable nozzle with air intake valve

(1) Hose Tube (to reach the bottom of the bottle)

(1) Bottle: The bottle holds 1 liter (33.814 ounces)

How It Works:

High Pressure water moves through the spray gun of a pressure washer (not included) and is mixed with the soap mixture from the bottle which then proceeds through the strainer. The soap mixture is agitated by the strainer to create an unbelievably thick, or fine (if desired) foam. The adjustable air intake valve controls the amount of soap mixture that is drawn from the bottle. With the powerful Foam Cannon's adjustable nozzle you can adjust the spray pattern from a jet stream to a wide fan pattern. We recommend using 3oz of Adam's Ultra Foam Shampoo for optimal foam. 

More Important Info:

1. Use with a pressure washer (not included) with a minimum of 7.5 LPM flow and 1000 PSI for proper operation. 

2. It's always best to add water to the bottle first. Then you can add 200mL of Adam's Ultra Foam Shampoo

Min-Max Pressure: 870-3190 PSI

Min-Max Flow: 1.3-5.3 GPM

Max Temperature: 140 Degrees F

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