Adam's Gallon Pump Dispenser

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Adam’s Gallon Pump Dispenser makes refilling a breeze and precisely provide 1oz of chemical per pump. No matter how thick or thin the product is, this gallon pump takes the headache out of refilling your 4, 8, 16, and 32oz bottles. Just like our EZ Fill funnel system, these gallon pumps offer a threaded base to screw directly onto your Adam’s gallon jugs and create a thorough seal. You’re making the buyer conscious decision to purchase your chemicals in larger amounts, so why not have a handy dispenser to easily pump savings back into your bottles when you need it! This gallon dispenser can handles thicker chemicals such as our VRT, Car Shampoo, or even our compounds and polishes!

  • Heavy-duty, HDPE Construction
  • Acid-safe, can withstand thick viscosity chemicals
  • Threaded base for reduced storage
  • 2 part modular system is easily cleaned
  • Compressed Height: 36.8 cm Extended Height: 43 cm

The perfect tool to help make refilling your bottles easier than ever.  

NOTE: The filler tube included is slightly taller than the gallon and will need to be cut to fit, which can be done easily with scissors or a razor blade. Be sure to cut the tube end diagonally to allow the pump to pull from the bottom of the container.