Adam's Hose Slide - 2 pack

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A simple tool to make washing and detailing vehicles more efficient and easier! Slides right under the edge of your tires so you don't have to deal with pulling and tugging on the hose while washing.
  • Prevents Hoses and Cords From Getting Stuck Under A Tire
  • Contoured To Fit Under & Around Tires
  • Durable Plastic
  • Chemical & UV Proof
  • Made By Hose Slide

At Adam's we're always looking for better ways to be more efficient and safe when washing or detailing a vehicle. Nearly anyone that has washed a vehicle has most likely been frustrated on more than one occasion when you're hosing down your ride and you walk towards another section of the vehicle only to be stopped in your tracks when the hose gets caught and kinked under a tire.

We've teamed up with Hose Slide to offer a great tool to make stuck hoses a thing of the past. These simple but very effective tools set up in seconds under the tires on your vehicle, and they allow the hose to glide right past instead of get caught underneath the tread - no more trying to whip the hose outward when it gets stuck on a tire and risk having the hose fly up and smack your bumper, potentially causing damage or scratches to the finish. Once you're done washing, you can clean them off and store them safely until the next wash.

The Adam's Hose Slide can be used for other applications just as effectively as well. Use them in the garage when machine polishing so that your electrical cord will freely move around the vehicle as you move, or for when you're using an air line to air up tires. We're sure you will love this product and wish you had it years ago!