Adam's Medium Grade Clay Bar 200g

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This medium grade clay will leave your finish smooth and silky. Adam's Medium Grade Clay Bar is a soft, yet durable clay for picking up the finer particles on your finish and restore the smoothness we all enjoy. This super soft clay will fit in the smaller, hard to reach areas and allow the clay to conform to the surface that you need to be cleansed.
  • Soft, Medium Grade Material
  • Removes moderate contamination and grime with ease
  • Removes heavier fallout, brake contamination, hard water spots, and tree sap
  • Leave your finish smooth to the touch
  • Perfect for painted surfaces, glass, polished metal, and clear plastics!

What’s the first thing we all do as soon as we’re done polishing our car or waxing it with our go-to favorite? Feel it! Taking the back of your hand and grazing the edge of your fender, or the center of your hood, a smooth feeling surface is the most intimate part of detailing. A crucial step in achieving this feeling is through proper cleansing of paint and contamination removal with a clay bar. This soft but effective detailing clay bar is perfect for removing tough contamination without damaging the finish that you’re working on. This medium grade clay material will leave your paint feeling undeniably soft and smooth and ready for protection to show off its slick side.

People often ask whether they need to clay, or how often they need to-- but there are many factors that play into how dirty your vehicle gets and thus when you need to clay. In this instance, we like to think of the need to clay in terms of miles. Each time you get an oil change is about how often you would want to clay, unless otherwise needed. There are a few exceptions where claying should be done immediately, such as before polishing, ceramic coating, or a potentially fresh layer of sealant and wax. For the Medium Grade Clay, you can achieve 2-3 uses per bar on average-- however, claying of vehicles is on a case by case basis, meaning a vehicle in desperate need of contamination removal could use up an entire bar itself!

In comparison to the fine grade clay, this medium grade clay is a slightly more rigid compound, making removal of light to medium contamination a breeze. As it removes the contamination with ease, it is durable enough to pick up tougher particles on the finish. This soft clay will fit in the smaller, hard to reach areas and allow the clay to conform to the surface that needs to be cleansed. Simply use this clay bar with Adam’s Detail Spray to properly lubricate the surface and glide the stretched and expanded clay bar of the desired surface. Using back and forth, side to side motions, cover the panel to ensure thorough removal of contamination. Knead and fold the clay bar as needed to continuously have a fresh side for effective removal. Once complete, wipe away excess clay residue with a premium microfiber towel.