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Adam's Spray Wax Refill

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When looking back at our product line, we wanted to have something that’s effective, that cuts time, and that simply fits a need to our customer base. We looked at possibly upgrading and improving Detail Spray, but how can you improve something that’s already perfect? We developed Spray Wax after countless requests for it and wanted to have a specific rejuvenator for our wax applications. 

Adam’s Spray Wax provides an extremely slick shine and glow to your vehicle’s finish and adds extended protection to your current wax or sealant. Like Ceramic Boost on Ceramic Coated vehicles, Spray Wax will top your Buttery Wax, Americana or Patriot Waxes and extend the life! Spray wax can be used as a stand alone wax for roughly 1-2 months of protection, a drying aid, or a simple spray and wipe product after freshly polishing or claying your vehicle to protect it before a more substantial product is used. 

When developing this product, we wanted something that was as easy to use as our Waterless Wash or Detail Spray, but added the next level of protection for our customers. This ridiculously easy to use spray and wipe chemical provides a streak-free shine and adds that showroom glow to our vehicles that we all fell in love with the first time. The scent of this chemical is raspberry and we’ll have you in the garage for hours on end just for the scent! We chose an intense magenta color for this product because it’s a more intense version of our flagship Detail Spray! Like H2O Guard & Gloss with Hybrid technology complements Paint Sealant and shares a similar color, Spray Wax compliments our waxes and intensifies your Detail Spray! Backed with our exclusive 110% money back satisfaction guarantee we're confident you'll love the brand new, chemical advanced Spray Wax!