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Adam's Wheel Cleaner Bundle

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Washing your wheels just got easier! Adam's Wheel Cleaner cuts brake dust down fast and paired up with our latest wheel brush is the most effective wheel cleaning solution you've ever experienced.

The active wheel cleaner formula of Adam's Wheel Cleaner goes to work almost instantly, breaking down and disolving those stubborn metallic particles and brake dust that are baked onto your wheels. You'll be amazed as the cleaner gradually changes colors to let you know its working. Once Adam's Wheel Cleaner has begun to work on the break dust simple break the dirts bond with your wheel by lightly agitating with our super soft wheel brush. The ultra fine, split fiber is gentle on even the most delicate wheels, but still strong enough to give you the cleaning power you need.

When you're done, simply rinse well with clean water and repeat on the next wheel. You'll marvel at the level of clean you can acheive with Adam's Wheel Cleaner Bundle.