Adam's Towel & Pad Revitiliser 32 oz/946 mL

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Adam’s Towel & Pad Revitalizer HD takes what already made Adam’s Microfiber Revitalizer good and makes it great! This further improved heavy-duty formulation now contains a natural citrus oil extract, co-solvency, and an amphoteric surfactant that rip through dried on waxes, sealant resins, and silicone oils to revitalize each individual fiber of your premium towels and make them as soft and bright as when you first opened them!

  • Heavy Duty Formulation
  • Designed Specifically to Target Detailing Related Contamination
  • Dissolves Waxes, Silicones, and Resins to Restore Towel & Pad Performance
  • Can be used as a Pretreatment or In-Wash Solution
  • Pleasant Natural Citrus Scent – No Dyes or Perfumes

Let’s face it… microfiber towels and foam applicator pads aren’t cheap and with repeated usage, they will become laden with dirt, dust, silicones, wax, and polishing residues that will drastically decrease their effectiveness and can lead to inefficiencies or even damage throughout your detailing pursuits. Adam’s Towel & Pad Revitalizer HD is a necessary accessory to quickly and effectively return these valuable tools of the trade back to service, leaving them softer and brighter than ever, and provide additional product lifetime. 

When using Adam’s Towel & Pad Revitalizer HD to clean your foam pads, the product actively works to open the cells of the foam applicator pad and quickly dissolve the emulsions that makeup compounds and polishes. With the emulsion busted, the pad becomes much cleaner than simply superficially cleaning off the surface of oils and polishing debris with a typical soap or a jet of water. This rejuvenates the pad back to 100% effectiveness and prolongs the life of your applicators.

Instructions for Microfiber Towels:

  1. Pretreat surfaces as you normally would if visible stains or residues are observed.
  2. Add microfiber towels or cloths to washing machine, or bucket, separate and free from other fabrics like clothing.
  3. Add 2-4 fl oz, depending on size of the load, of Adam’s Towel & Pad Revitalizer HD to your washing machine or bucket. If done in a bucket, you may need to agitate to allow product to penetrate into all necessary surface areas.
  4. Air dry or run through dryer after wash cycle.
  5. For very stubborn residues, repeat process again.

Instructions for Foam Applicator Pads:

  1. Get pads wet and pretreat surfaces. 
  2. Agitate to produce some foaming and allow the product to penetrate into all the necessary surface areas.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with fresh, clean warm water to remove any debris and observe for no more foam generation, due to the surfactants, and allow to air dry.
  4. For very stubborn residues, repeat process.