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About Adam's Polishes

Over 20 Years In Business

Adam Pitale, pictured here, started Adam's Polishes in California in 2000. Since then, we've moved to Colorado & have continued to sell premium car care products all over the world.

We've grown a lot, thanks to you.

We're crazy about shine

We're all here, because we're not all there.

Adam is the kind of guy who brings a machine polisher on a trip with him because he doesn't want to drive a dirty rental car. Once, Adam removed a forklift from our warehouse for two hours (stopping all production) just so that he could wash it outside with a pressure washer. After that, he thoroughly cleaned the dumpster out front. Call it crazy, but that's just normal around here.

We didn't make it this far by being "normal". Perfection drives us. From product innovation to dumpster cleaning.

No matter how crazy you are, you're in good company with us.

Graphene Ceramic Coating™ Advanced 60mL - Adam's Polishes Australia

Advanced Car Paint Protection

Graphene Ceramic Coating

Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Coating™ Advanced is an easy-to-use Ceramic Coating.

With improved characteristics, this coating is appropriate to add long-lasting, extreme self-cleaning effects for single-stage and clear-coated, painted surfaces, glass, plastic trim, polycarbonate, rubber moulding, and wheels with a single bottle.

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