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Article: Polishing 101 - How to Polish Your Car Safely

Polishing 101 - How to Polish Your Car Safely

Adam's Polishes Machine Polishing a car may seem intimidating. The truth is, removing scratches, oxidation, and swirl marks is fairly simple.

Understanding the right tool to use, what polish or compound and what techniques are best is the caveat to perfect paint. A vehicles paint and/or finish come in a lot of different variations and a lot of different conditions.

Understanding the condition of your paint before polishing will give you the understanding of which tools/compound and polish/techniques you’ll need to correct the paint effectively and efficiently.

Adam’s Polishes paint correction process is simple and includes one compound and one polish with a mixture of microfiber and foam pads. The compound, polish and associated pads are color coordinated to make life easy.

Remember to always to polish a 40cm x 40cm area before paint correcting the whole car to ensure the correct process on the whole vehicle. Perfecting paint is a job usually done by professional detailers but Adam’s Polishes wants to help the everyday person understand that they have the power to correct their paint just as easy as any professional out there.

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