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Adam's Shine Club

 Adam's Shine Club was started to reward our legacy customers and also those that are new to the brand that would like some rewards for their spend online.

Below is a guide all about Adam's Shine Club.

 How Do I Join Adam's Shine Club?

1. Click the Shine Club icon (mobile users will see only the bag icon)


2. The pop menu will show. Click 'Join Now' and fill in your details. Already a member? Click 'Sign In' and enter your email and password you set up at initial sign up.

3. Once logged in, you'll be in your account page. You can access the Shine Club again by clicking the 'Shine Club' button on the lower left. It will then show your 'Points Balance' and ways to earn and redeem points.

4. Your points balance (if you currently have any) will show in the pop up menu with the remaining expiry time period. Below you will see if you currently have and rewards you've claimed previously. Further down, you'll see ways to earn more points and ways to redeem your balance into usuable rewards on your order.

5. Ways To Earn Menu

6. Ways To Redeem Menu

As always if you have any questions, please reach out to us at If you are receiving errors please take a screenshot and attach it to your email to us for a quick review and work around.

Shine On!

Adam's Polishes Team