Adam's 5.5" White Foam Polish Pad

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The second step in our paint correction system-- this soft foam pad enhances gloss and shine higher than ever before.

  • Soft, Closed Cell Foam for excellent polishing and paint perfection
  • Flat-face for increased surface area and heat dispersion
  • Color coded for Adam’s Polish
  • Enhances gloss and depth in your finish
  • ¾” Thick 


Adam’s White Foam Polishing Pad is a soft, closed cell pad designed to maximize gloss, shine, and depth in your finish. The ¾” pad surface easily begins to soften further and refine your finishing polish experience to increased gloss levels. After use of Adam’s Compound and Blue Foam Pad chemical, the surface can have a tendency to have a lower gloss level from the correction-- this is normal as the foam will focus mainly on correcting, rather than polishing the surface to a fine finish. To remove and perfect your paint further, Adam’s White Foam Polishing Pad and Polish to remove any hazing, minor defects, and pull the gloss levels through the roof on your paint!

The specially selected white foam used in the construction of the Adam's White Foam Pad mates up perfectly with the color coordinated Adam's Polishing chemical to make short work of swirls and scratches, while still finishing down extremely cleanly, leaving a defect-free surface. The flat-face design effectively cuts swirls and paint imperfections while evenly dispersing heat for better polishing experience. When using our second step in polishing, it’s important to work the polish into an even finer level of abrasive to fully maximize your paint corrections. Made with a unique pre-polymer closed cell foam, the white polishing face balances soft finishing capability with increased gloss ability, making this our most versatile polishing pad yet.

Featuring a high-grip Velcro backing for maximum adhesion and minimal pad slip, these pads will hold tighter to your machine reducing the chances of an errant pad or mid-polishing delamination in even the most extreme conditions. The flat-face generates an equal level of heat, and the tapered edge design provides stability that can withstand the rigors of today’s large orbit machines like the Adam's Swirl Killer or Swirl Killer Mini. To aid with cooling, plus reduce weight, each pad has a precision cut center hole that can also be used to aid in centering the pad on the backing plate on your 5.5” or 6.5” polishing machine.

Color-coded to match Adam’s second step Polish, this combo is designed with the user in mind. This Diminishing Abrasive Technology (DAT) allows users to start with a small amount of product and continue to have a finer, more precise polishing experience with each rotation of the polisher. Adam’s Polish is designed to remove 2000 or higher grit sanding marks and must be applied after your vehicle is washed, decontaminated, and clayed for a hassle-free experience.

Please note: When polishing a surface, you are heating up the clear coat to remove the swirl mark away from your paint and perfect your finish. As you polish, the process with take a very minute amount of clear coat away ( 1/32nd of an index card) from your surface. Repeated use, or improper use, can lead to paint imperfections that will require professional assistance.