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Adam's Small Wheel Woolie Brush

Regular price $44.99 AUD

Adam's Small Wheel Woolie allows you to reach behind the face of your wheel to clean the barrel easier than ever before.

  • Polypropylene Fibers
  • Cleans Behind Wheel Spokes
  • 45 Degree Angle Brush Handle
  • 12" Long from Top to Bottom, 1.5" Diameter Fibers

Adam's Small Wheel Woolie is the best solution for cleaning the wide variety of sizes and designs of today's intricate wheels. It's great for cleaning wheels with large to small openings around wheel spokes, around brake calipers, and deeper barrels. High-performance brakes and tight clearances around wheels, fenders, and other areas of your car can make cleaning these areas difficult, but with the Adam's Large Wheel Woolie, you can clean these areas much more effectively! Great for Wheel with lots of spokes.

Adam's Small Wheel Woolie has soft, dense carpet fibers that are 100% polypropylene, recyclable and chemical resistant.